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The Azure and Systems Development Specialists

We love people who love people and technology.

Raion is a small specialized consultancy within the Microsoft eco system. We do software development, architecture, IT strategy and technical change management. Just like all other consultancies we believe to be different than the rest - but we do more than believe, we act on it too!

Raion is powered by local Gothenburg techstartups such as Rekry, Winningtemp and Bonsai. We call this Shareconomy. To us this means that anything that makes business prosper in our local tech arena also benefits us. We help entrepreneurs and start-ups rise and shine through sharing competence, network and business.  

Our team of superstars are some of the brightest and kindest minds within the Microsoft world. We also host one or two wildcards that know nothing about C# or Azure, just for the fun of new perspectives and the intellectual challenge. To add to the party we have the most astonishing Junior advisory board that brings us perspectives and inspiration from minds much younger than our own. 

Our "why" is Shareconomy in all aspects. From chosing to sponsor start-ups to the kind of people we hire and what kind of christmas present you get as an employee. 1+1 should always equal 3. As part of this we also host the Azure study group in Gothenburg.

If the above makes sense at all to you, please give us a call. Meeting will, at the very least, give us inspirational networking and who knows -  if the stars are aligned we just might start working together.

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Vi har för närvarande inga utannonserade tjänster men skicka gärna in en spontanansökan!

Are you a kindhearted and bright developer within the Microsoft eco system who can not find a relevant open position here? Then please do give us a call or send us a message through any social platform.

We would love to get in touch!